Håvard Takle Lindholm (Researcher)

Håvard is a bioinformatician with a background in molecular biology. He received his PhD in Molecular Medicine in 2021 from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim under the supervision of Menno Oudhoff. In his PhD he studied the interaction between immune cells and epithelial cells in the gut using both wet lab and dry lab techniques. After the PhD, he joined the lab of Daniel De Carvalho at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada as a bioinformatician. In Toronto he is studying mechanisms regulating the presence of immunogenic endogenous retroelements and how these can be targeted to treat cancer. Håvard is part time employed in the Jahnsen lab where he is using his experience with analysis of sequencing and imaging data to study diseases of the gut. 

Sinan Umu (Researcher)

Sinan is a physicist and computational biologist. He has an MS degree in bioinformatics and received his PhD in bioinformatics from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2016. He worked in cancer research and early prediction of cancer using cell-free RNA molecules. He joined the lab in 2022. His current interests are spatial transcriptomics, scRNA sequencing, and RNA biology.