Tuva Høst Brunsell (Postdoc)

Tuva started in January 2021 in a shared position as a pathologist in training and a postdoc in the lab. After completing her medical studies and internship she obtained a PhD focusing on the genomics of colorectal liver metastases at the Department of Molecular Oncology, Institute of Cancer Research. She is now establishing a method of high-resolution spatial transcriptomics in our lab which will be used to study immune cells in a morphological context in normal intestine and colorectal cancer.

Niladri Bhusan Pati (Researcher)

Niladri joined the lab in May 2019. Niladri did his Masters in Biotechnology and PhD in infection biology from KIIT University, India. His expertise are involved in the areas of infection biology, gut immunology, vaccine and therapeutics. Niladri was a research fellow at ETH-Zurich, Switzerland. He worked in the field of Salmonella biology in Hardt group. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship from University of Giessen, Germany, where he was studying neonatal infection with MDR strains. Further, he continued his postdoctoral fellowship at University of Oslo focusing on a novel approach of customized antigen processing and presentation using invariant chain. Currently, Niladri studies the functional variability between IgA secreted from different subsets of intestinal plasma cells and their specificity towards gut microbiota.

Danh Phung (Laboratory Scientist)

Danh is a wet-lab enthusiast and has special interest in projects involving using single cell sequencing techniques. He joined the group in 2016, and manages the wet laboratory part of the group. Danh’s background composes of a Master of Technology degree in biochemistry and a Ph.D in protein biochemistry focusing on food poisoning mode-of-action by bacterial toxins.