Frode Jahnsen (Group leader)

Frode is professor of medicine at the University of Oslo and senior consultant in clinical gastrointestinal pathology. He obtained his PhD in immunology under the supervision of Prof. Per Brandtzæg’s lab in 1997. He did a postdoc partly in the Brandtzæg lab and partly in Pat Holt’s lab in Perth, Australia. Returning from Australia in 2001 he started his training in Pathology and at the same time started to build his own research group. He became group leader in Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR), a Centre of Excellence funded by The Norwegian Research Council from 2007-2017. Until 2015 the lab had particular focus on immunopathology in allergic diseases in the airways. However, over the last 6 years the focus has shifted to mucosal immunology in the gut, and currently the lab has several ongoing projects studying the immune system in the gut in health as well as in diseases such as celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, graft versus host disease, Hirschsprung disease, and colorectal cancer.