Sol is a postdoc currently based in Inouye lab, department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge. She received her BSc in Mathematics, MSc in Interdisciplinary program in Cognitive Sciences,  and PhD in Computational Neuroscience from Seoul National University, South Korea in 2015. During her PhD, she studied Connectomics with Dr Kaiser (Seoul, South Korea and Newcastle, UK),  regarding the spatial and topological characteristics of the brain network and its development both microscopically between synapses and macroscopically using neuroimaging. After her PhD, she moved to Indiana University (Bloomington, USA) to work with Dr Sporns and network scientists at the Indiana University Network Institute on multi-scale community detection and multi-layer networks applied to human brain networks. She then came back to the UK to join the Bullmore group in the department of psychiatry, University of Cambridge where she worked on the structural and functional network changes in the adolescent brain.  In April 2020, she joined the JahnsenLab to investigate multi-omic characteristics as well as the B cell receptor repertoire of the long-lived plasma cells in the human intestine at both bulk and single-cell levels.