Identifying biomarkers to predict graft versus host disease in hematopoietic stem cell transplanted patients

30-50% of allo-HSCT patients suffer from graft versus host disease (GVHD); a disease with very high mortality rate. Biomarkers that identify patients at risk for GVHD is important to treat these patients before or early in progression of disease. We have collected blood samples at multiple timepoints from more than 100 patients after transplantation. We are currently examining these samples by two complementary approaches: 1) T cells are assessed with CYTOF technology that are able to phenotype the cells simultaneously with 40 antibodies. 2) Plasma proteins are measured with a commercially available kit from Olink. This allows us to quantitate 1536 proteins in every sample. Comparing the phenotype of T cells and levels of proteins over time in patients that develop GVHD with those that do not develop GVHD, our goal is to identify clinical relevant biomarkers.

Heatmap of 1536 proteins expressed in plasma of patients with and without acute gut GVHD