Hanna Johannessen (PhD student)

Hanna joined the lab in February 2021 after completing her medical studies at the University of Oslo. Hanna is interested in the development of the mucosal immune system in the gut and in her PhD project she studies the relationship between the enteric nervous system and the immune system of children with Hirschsprungs disease. Her studies also include clinical aspects of Hirschsprungs disease, and she has collaborate closely with the pediatric surgeons at Oslo University Hospital.

Victoria Therese Karlsen (PhD student)

Victoria joined the lab in 2019 for her Master’s project, characterizing macrophages in the human colonic mucosa, and is now a PhD candidate in the group. Victoria is interested in the human intestinal immune system and in her PhD project she aims to identify molecular hubs and signaling pathways in the tumor microenvironment of colorectal liver metastases that are targetable for anti-cancer treatment.

Umair Majid (PhD student)

Umair Majid is a medical doctor with working experience in gastrointestinal surgery. Umair studies the role of mucosal macrophages in healthy colon and their disease modifying mechanisms in colorectal cancer. He has a shared position at the University of Oslo as a lecturer and teaches surgery to medical students at the medical faculty. Umair is also a board member at the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the Medical Faculty.